At Mango Tango we go out of our way to attract divers to stay with us as divers are always fit wholesome decent people who love nature and they are easy to have around.

Siquijor Island offers some fabulous diving and has at least 10 dive sites to choose from including fantastic walls, 2 sanctuaries, a sunken island and some great muck diving.  Some of the dive sites are more suitable for experienced divers. However there are some great sights for beginners also. The wall diving off Siquijor makes for a fantastic day of diving.

Mango Tango has a good working relationship with the last Frontier Dive Group and if you do not have transport they will pick you up from Mango Tango.... we do not have any commission arrangement with Last Frontier webpage http://lastfrontierdive.com/  We  enjoy seeing our guests in the hands of real friendly professionals. Siquijor Island is macro photographers dream come true.

The famous Paliton beach wall is right out in front of Mango Tango and it is a great experience with a cavern and soft coral all over the wall.